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We work exclusively with UM ltd to offer home automation and "smart home" building control.

Building automation is the goal that a Building Management System or a (more recent terminology) Building Automation System (BAS) attempts to achieve. Both are examples of a distributed control system - the computer networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, security, fire and flood safety, lighting (especially emergency lighting), HVAC and humidity control and ventilation systems in a building.

BAS core functionality keeps building climate within a specified range, lights rooms based on an occupancy schedule (in the absence of overt switches to the contrary), monitors performance and device failures in all systems, provides malfunction alarms (via typically email and/or text notifications) to building engineering/maintenance staff and contractors. BAS reduce building energy and maintenance costs compared to a non-controlled building. Typically they are financed through energy and insurance savings, and other savings associated with pre-emptive maintenance and quick detection of issues.


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PLEASE NOTE:  HomeKit New Zealand is not associated with Apple HomeKit.  As Apple Inc says: "HomeKit introduces a new way for you to control supported devices in your home using Siri. That means that you could use your voice to turn on lights or adjust the thermostat." We can do that too using any smartphone. Please call us if you want an adaptable solution, not limited to an iPhone.



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